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Nick Heymann is a Singer-Songwriter coming from a pure acoustic style. At the age of five, he decided it was time to pursue a career as a Rockstar, so he did the only thing that makes sense. He started playing classical guitar and writing poems. Well, after a while he realized that an acoustic guitar is not meant for mean guitar solos, but his cashflow wasn’t made for consuming, so he continued to fingerpick the nylon.  

Being raised in Heidelberg and Hamburg and moving across the country showed him that music-wise he had to find inspiration elsewhere. So he did. Especially in Great Britain, which resulted in creating an Indie-rock band in which he played the Bass and sang backing vocals. During that time his ego told him to become a frontman. So again, he did.  

He has always been a bit mistrustful regarding artists who use artificial elements in their music, which they can’t reproduce live. But after playing around with Logic he discovered a whole new world which he found to be fascinating to live in. After that, he started to create “Enhanced Singer-Songwriter” Indie Compositions with a fable for details and underestimated instruments such as trombone.  Nonetheless, he still pursues the minimalistic approach to music and currently works on his first EP which will be mainly acoustic. 

Nick just released his first single “Differently”, which is about missing communication in a relationship and the realization that, no matter how hard you try, there is no way to save the sinking ship.  

Nick started working as an international model at the age of 16. Being a top newcomer, he lived and worked in Tokyo, Milan, London and New York and realized that being independent is exactly what he wants to be. Travelling and working all around the world at such a young age didn’t only mean he had to grow up fast, but also meant needing to think about what home really means. This thinking didn’t stop at a superficial level, so he decided to study philosophy, which, in his lyrics, might shimmer through from time to time. As the cliché goes, philosophy students become Taxi Drivers. But Nick decided to go a different way: provide music to spice up boring taxi rides. 

Click to download in High Quality (ph: Johannes Sager)

Click to download in High Quality (ph: Johannes Sager)

Click to download in High Quality (Ph: Loreen Reschke)

Click to download in High Quality (Ph: Loreen Reschke)

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